Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Didn’t Believe He Was In Moana, But Now She Knows Another Role Is Daddy

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson holds quite a few impressive titles, from 10-time WWE world heavyweight champion to A-list Disney star with one of the year’s top films under his belt. What is seemingly his most cherished title, though, is girl dad. The Rock dotes on his two youngest daughters, and even though one doesn't believe he was one of the most lovable Moana characters, it looks like she can now recognize Black Adam as being her dad.

Dwayne Johnson has starred in a number of pretty big Disney productions over recent years, which makes it even more surprising that his upcoming DC anti-hero role in Black Adam would be the role that his daughter, Tia, starts connecting to her dad, either physically or vocally. In a recent Instagram post, Johnson shows that his daughter is actually very on board with her dad’s new role as Black Adam, and she even shared some brief, but sweet, thoughts. You can check out the post below:

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The video Dwayne Johnson shared shows he and his daughter taking a look at DC's behind-the-scenes video for Black Adam, which features concept art of Johnson as the character along with a narration from Johnson. And when he asks his daughter what she thinks, she responds with, “Cool.” While the approval of his daughter seems like enough for Johnson, he still can't help but note the fact that she couldn't recognize him as the voice of Maui from Moana.

The Jungle Cruise star has got to be pretty hyped about his daughter’s acknowledgement of him as Black Adam, because he's been waiting to portray the Man in Black for some time. Dwayne Johnson has been set to play the character since 2014, with looser plans linking him to the role even earlier than that. And before Johnson received his own solo film, it was thought that he would make his debut as the character in 2019's Shazam!. The role is definitely important to Johnson, so the fact that his daughter is now fully on board must bring some real joy to his heart.

Dwayne Johnson’s now pretty substantial involvement with DC gives him more ground to cover in his battle to win his daughter’s heart away from Aquaman’s Jason Momoa. While the idea of Johnson centering his career around roles his daughter will love is super adorable and incredibly heartwarming, he does say in his post’s caption that Tia is still crushing on Momoa pretty hard, and he even tagged the Game of Thrones star personally.

Thankfully, for both DC fans and Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, Black Adam has finished filming and is well on its way to reaching the big screen. We can expect to see Black Adam hit theaters next summer on July 29th, and you can bet little Tina will be ready to see her father light up the big screen.

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