How Aquaman Helped Give Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter The Best Birthday Ever

Jason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson

If there were ever a fight between all men for the title of “The Man," DC stars Jason Momoa and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would likely be at the head of the pack battling it out. It doesn’t look like there’d be much fighting between the two superhero a-listers though, because apparently the stars are pretty tight. The Aquaman star even popped in via video to help give Johnson’s daughter pretty much the best birthday ever.

Dwayne Johnson recently took to his Instagram to shine a light on his DC buddy Aquaman's good birthday deed. Johnson praises Jason Momoa, pretty much saying that he is the epitome of kindness. You can check out the post below, in which the two buff stars express their appreciation for each other:

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In the video, Jason Momoa is wishing little Tia a happy 3rd birthday, and even throws Jazzy, another of Dwayne Johnson’s daughters, a little love so she isn’t left out of the sentiment. Momoa throws the word love around freely, expressing just how close he must be to the Johnson household. It’s important to note that in his response, Johnson also returns the sentiment in saying he loves Momoa as well.

The exchange between the two huge teddy bears is incredibly heartwarming, but the bond they share definitely makes sense. While the two may have a similar body style that can be assumed is a result of the same kind of healthy lifestyle and while both are going to be key members of the DCEU, the two also share another vital experience: they’re both girl dads.

Jason Momoa has two daughters to Dwayne Johnson’s three, but it’s safe to say Momoa has the girl dad experience down. Being fathers to daughters is a huge source of pride for both the stars, and it seems like they both support each other in this endeavor.

Fans are going crazy for the daddy bromance, too. Dwayne Johnson’s post has over 13 million views and around 19 thousand comments in less than 24 hours. The comment section is full of praise for both fathers as fans are hit right in the feels. It’s safe to say if fans weren’t already on the Momoa/Johnson team up bandwagon, the duo is certainly on the radar now. If nothing else, Dwayne Johnson may have earned him some presidential points after the heartwarming post resonated with so many fans.

The loving birthday call certainly earned Dwayne Johnson some points where he didn’t even need them - with little Tia. It’s evident from her reaction after the video call ended that the birthday girl was overjoyed, and it’s thanks to her papa and the Aquaman star for putting the call together. Great job, dads!

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