Tom Cruise Shocked Some Hikers After They Stumbled Upon Him Doing Parachute Jumps

There’s not much in life more enjoyable than a nice hike. You get to spend time outside, wander around at a comfortable, leisurely pace and spot some wildlife like deer or moose or Tom Cruise. That’s right. Two friends were out for a relaxing stroll in England when a helicopter suddenly appeared overhead. It landed and let out a group of people which included Hollywood legend Tom Cruise.

The hikers in question were Andras Katica and his friend Tutyi. The two were going for a hike in the Lake District in North West England when they heard the commotion above and saw the helicopter land. Cruise was apparently very friendly with the hikers and stopped for a picture and an extended chat before the actor parachuted away to work on some stunts for the new Mission: Impossible film. You can check out a portion of Katica’s comments he gave to The Sun below...

I certainly wasn’t expecting to bump into Tom Cruise during my hike. When I realised who it was I was obviously totally flabbergasted. But he was really friendly and offered to have his picture taken. He looked like he was having a great time but was also clearly involved in some serious work for the filming.

No one goes harder than Tom Cruise, at least amongst A-list actors. The icon does his own stunts whenever he can, and some of the stories of his dedication are legendary. In fact, I was recently at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas, and Paramount showed a behind the scenes featurette from the latest Mission: Impossible sequel in which Cruise did thousands of motorbike jumps and hundreds of skydives in order to film a stunt in which he rode a motorcycle off a cliff. It’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen, and he did it six times. You can read our Eric Eisenberg talk about it in more detail here.

It’s unclear how many parachute jumps he did as part of the Mission: Impossible work he was doing when he interrupted the friends’ hike, but it’s nice to see everyone involved seemed to appreciate the oddity of running into each other. Cruise probably wasn’t expecting to see a bunch of hikers, and they certainly weren’t expecting to run into one of the most famous people on the planet. It’s great to see how nice and friendly Cruise was during the encounter.

Despite some Covid-related setbacks, Mission: Impossible 7 is finishing up its filming. Cruise, along with director Christopher McQuarrie have both returned for another installment, and there is tremendous excitement around the franchise, as the last few especially have been so much fun. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on September 30th, 2022 (and will be followed by a round 8). Expect it to make a ton of money and feature some of the most dazzling and fun stunts we’ve ever seen from Cruise and the team. Something tells me no one will enjoy their screening more than these hikers.

Mack Rawden
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