Is Idris Elba Destined To Play Bond? This Viral Video From The ’90s Suggests Yes

Idris Elba as Luther

For about as long as we were sure that Daniel Craig was done as James Bond, and honestly, quite a bit longer, a lot of people have been suggesting that Idris Elba should be the next James Bond. He's a guy who can handle the physical action of the part, and he looks good in a suit, and at least at the start, that's what people are probably looking for. While it seems quite unlikely at this point that Elba will get the role, the conversation has peaked once again, as it turns out Idris Elba had thoughts on a previously new James Bond back in the 90s.

An old video has surfaced online that shows moviegoers discussing what they think of Pierce Brosnan in the role of 007, following the release of GoldenEye. And it doesn't take a super spy to recognize that a young Idris Elba is the man speaking at the end, saying Brosnan has what it takes to be Bond. Check it out.

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It's sort of an incredible that of all the people that might have been interviewed about James Bond, Idris Elba ended up being one of them. Elba would have only just been getting his television acting career started around the time GoldenEye was released in the mid-90s so he's not going to be a face the world would recognize for many years. Nevermind that eventually his name would get brought up in conversations surrounding James Bond.

The only thing that would make this clip more impressive would be if Idris Elba actually was chosen to become the next James Bond. Unfortunately, at this point, it feels like Elba is something of a longshot, despite the fact that there have been rumors in the past not simply that he's been in talks for the role but that's been given it. He's had to continually deny the rumors he's been cast. Considering that we're still a couple months away from the release of No Time to Die, assuming it actually comes out this year, it seems unlikely any decision will be made for some time.

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But certainly fuel is going to continue to be added to this fire. There are a lot of reasons to like Idris Elba as Bond. The only real downside is that at 49, he'd be the oldest man cast in the role. He's only four years younger than Daniel Craig is now. Of course, if there was interest in making a James Bond movie or three that featured an older Bond, then Elba might be a great choice. This certainly would be a fresh take on the character that he haven't really seen before.

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Maybe Idris Elba has a shot at being Bond. If not, he may be the greatest choice we'll never get to see. Of course, when a new James Bond does come along, we can almost promise that history will repeat itself, as a lot of people will want to ask Idris Elba what he thinks.

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