Halloween Kills’ Kyle Richards Reacts To Her ‘Intense’ Footage From The New Trailer

Kyle Richards in Halloween Kills Trailer
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(Image credit: (Universal))

It’s almost Halloween time. And by Halloween time, I mean Halloween Kills time. The sequel to 2018’s horror film that brought back Laurie Strode and Michael Myers after 40 years (within this particular continuity) is just three weeks away, and on Monday, fans were treated with a final trailer for the film before it heads to theaters and streaming in October. The latest footage featured Kyle Richards, who once was a child actor and played the role of Lindsey Wallace in the original Halloween movie back in 1978.

Nowadays Kyle Richards is well known for being a cast member on the reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But for Halloween Kills, she has gone back to her acting roots to reprise her role as Lindsay Wallace, who is now an adult living in Haddonfield. Richards took to her Instagram to share the trailer and provide her reaction to what’s to come from Halloween Kills:

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The 52-year-old shared the latest Halloween Kills trailer with her followers, and it features a moment with her early on speaking with some kids in the hopes of protecting them from Michael Myers. We don’t know if she’ll survive the knife of the Haddonfield killer, but as the trailer reveals, there will be a lot of callbacks to characters from the 1978 original. As Laurie Strode plans her revenge on the killer, other members of the neighborhood that share some of her trauma seem to be trying to keep surviving as well. Here is Richards’ caption:

This movie is SO INTENSE! It puts a whole new meaning to the word #flashmob! The STRODE WOMEN and their friends are FIERCE! #STRODESTRONG #DON’TF%*KWITHMYFAMILY

Kyle Richards described Halloween Kills as “so intense,” and it has me excited for what’s to come because that’s honestly what us horror fans come for, especially in the slasher genre. She called the Strode women “family” and teased some kind of flash mob that will be part of the movie. It seems like the Haddonfield neighborhood is really going to try to get Michael Myers for good with Laurie Strode in the hospital following the events of 2018’s Halloween.

When the original Halloween came out, Kyle Richards was just eight years old, playing one of the kids being babysat during the holiday. Lindsay is being watched over by Nancy Kyes’ Annie (a friend of Laurie’s), who dies at the hand of Michael Myers while Laurie Strode is babysitting Tommy Doyle across the street. Tommy Doyle will also be a character in Halloween Kills, and is set to be played by Anthony Michael Hall.

The new trailer shows that Halloween Kills will definitely be once again heavily drawing from the 1978 original movie that started it all. The movie is coming to theaters and Peacock on October 15.

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