Megan Fox And Debby Ryan Are Bloodthirsty Vampires In Netflix's Night Teeth Trailer

Megan Fox as a vampire in Night Teeth
(Image credit: (Netflix))

Megan Fox has been all the rage as of late, between her big VMA fashion moment earlier this month along with signing up for exciting projects left and right including the next Expendables movie with Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham and a new spin on Bonnie and Clyde. Her name looks like it will remain fresh on our lips as she’s part of one of Netflix’s upcoming movies, Night Teeth. Looks like the actress will be playing a seductive vampire in a gory action movie about a pair of killer bloodsuckers.

The Night Teeth trailer opens with a pair of young women in the back of a car speaking to their driver. Insatiable’s Debby Ryan and Bright’s Lucy Fry ask the driver (Bumblebee’s Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) if he can drive them on their party hopping all night, but as it unfolds it’s clear that these two are vampires. And among their pack is Megan Fox and Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney.

Megan Fox isn’t in the first look as much as we’d like, but she can be seen smiling with sharp canines and a martini glass seemingly filled with blood. Hopefully she’ll be part of the action because it would take Jennifer’s Body fans back to an adjacent role. Not to mention Fox has shared recently that the 2009 movie was her favorite movie she’s been a part of, ever. Here's her Night Teeth look:

(Image credit: (Netflix))

Night Teeth looks like a really fun concept for a vampire movie and we cannot wait to tune in. It looks like it will be told from the perspective of the driver as he uncovers an underground group of vampire women who are going on a murderous rampage. Based on the trailer, there definitely seems to be even more going on that we’ll understand once we actually check out the movie. Overall, the trailer does a great job of setting the scene for a night of gory kills and fun times.

The year prior, Netflix released a similarly unique vampire flick called Vampires vs. the Bronx and as the spooky season starts creeping in, Night Teeth looks like it will be a fun movie night, especially for a girl’s night in. The movie is coming to Netflix on October 20.

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