Mila Kunis Congratulates The Rock On Showering While Reflecting On Viral Bathing Comments About Ashton Kutcher And Her Family

A number of stories have captured the public’s attention this past year, but one of the most surprising ones may just be the debate regarding celebrity bathing habits. The discussion originally kicked off this past July when Mila Kunis revealed that she and husband Ashton Kutcher don’t bathe their kids with soap and water every day. Other celebrities were subsequently asked about their own habits, which resulted in a myriad of thoughts and opinions. Just recently, Kunis reflected on her viral comments about her family, all while jokingly congratulating Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, one of the celebrities who confirmed they shower daily.

Earlier this summer, Mila Kunis specifically said on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast that she and her hubby wash their kids when they “can see dirt on them.” Kunis recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talk inevitably turned to the debate. During her conversation with the host, she ultimately seemed to double down on her stance:

It was on Dax’s podcast and we were doing press, I think I was talking about Stoner Cats. But somehow the conversation derailed into bathing habits. And then we started talking about how we all don’t bathe our children very often. Or ourselves. I shower everyday but I don’t like wash my hair every day. I don’t find that to be a necessity. My intent every day is to bathe my children. I wake up every day like ‘Today I’m going to shower my kids.’ And then bedtime happens, and I forgot to feed them.

Of course, the actress was only joking when she threw in that bit about forgetting to feed the children. Humor aside, though, she does indeed appear to be content with how she and Ashton Kutcher regulate their bathing practices. Though she went on to express how surprised she was that initial comments took off and inspired other stars like The Rock and Jake Gyllenhaal to share their own experiences:

Anyways, cut to a year later Dax is doing a press junket for something completely different and the reporter decides to ask him ‘You know, this whole thing’s been circulating about Ashton and Mila not showering. What are your thoughts on it?’ And he was like ‘I’m the one who started this conversation!’ So this whole story has now taken such a turn. But apparently The Rock showers. So congratulations, the Rock, you shower.

This wouldn’t be the first time Mila Kunis has responded to the backlash in a somewhat witty way. Shortly after the actress shared her original sentiments, she and her husband posted a satirical TikTok video in which they poked fun at the situation. You can check it out for yourself down below:

There’s honestly no telling how long the great bathing debate will rage on, as the Internet doesn’t always forget such moments. But one thing that seems clear is that the celebrity couple is planning to stick to the regiment they’ve established for their family.


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