Kristen Bell Shares Her Own Feelings On The Celebrities Not Bathing Themselves Debate

Kristen Bell

While the news can be full of serious conversations and heavy topics (like pretty much constantly), it’s nice to sneak in a silly topic every now and again. Up to bat lately has been the celebrity debate on how often famous people bathe themselves and their children - and it’s got people’s skin crawling in some instances. The Good Place’s Kristen Bell has now weighed in on the cleanliness debate, as both her own person and as a mother, and shared her feelings on the matter.

If you are of the belief that the celebrity bathing debate is getting a little out of hand, or was even ridiculous to start with, it sounds like you have found an ally in Kristen Bell. In an interview with ET, the actress makes light of the debate, saying people are taking it way too seriously and it’s really not something to spend as much time or thought on as people currently are. Here’s what the Gossip Girl revival star says, exactly:

I think people maybe need a little bit of a lesson of what is a joke and what is not. Because now people are acting like this is an actual Supreme Court case.

Honestly, that’s probably a good way to put it. Is there really any reason to put a person on trial for how often they choose to bathe themselves or their children, considering no one who has been a target of the debate are running around with neglected appearances or kids? After all, everyone is different and has different cleaning needs, because we all live life at different levels of activity and we all have different grime factors affecting our cleanliness.

Prior to this, Kristen Bell did appear on The View with her husband Dax Shepard and explained their own parenting choices when it comes to cleaning their children. The couple has been incredibly open in the past about their personal struggles and challenges they face in their marriage, so it’s no surprise that they openly answered questions about even something as mundane as bathing. While some parents may put the couple on a trial of their own for the statements, Bell previously said that “waiting on the stink” definitely works for them. Ergo, she has weighed in on the celebrity bathing debate on a more personal level, noting,

I'm a big fan of waiting for the stink. Once you catch a whiff, that's biology's way of letting you know you need to clean it up.

Bell is obviously free of any outstanding funk smell, because it appears she’s pleasant enough to be around that she's working on multiple projects in Hollywood right now. The actress has both TV and film projects in the works or recently released, including the Gossip Girl revival that she narrates. Bell also has a voice acting project in the animated kids series Do, Re, & Mi finishing up production. You can catch her in Queenpins, set to release to theaters September 10th, and she and Dax Shepard’s game show Family Game Fight airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on NBC or streaming on Peacock.

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