Disney's Full Encanto Trailer Is Downright Magical, And I'm Bringing My Tissues

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Magic is something that the Disney brand has always been synonymous with. Throughout the studio’s rich history, tales of abilities beyond belief have become pathways to major life lessons. The previous trailer for its latest film, Encanto, only reinforces that belief, as we’ve already been introduced to the Madrigal family and their special abilities. However, this latest trailer is downright magical; so much so that I’m definitely going to need tissues to watch this movie.

As laid out in the prior marketing for Encanto, the story sets up the fact that almost every Madrigal has a special supernatural ability. Talking to animals, shapeshifting, and super strength are all par for the course, thanks to their magical Casita. But the one member of the family who doesn’t have any powers, Mirabel (In The Heights/Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz) is about to become the most important. Which, honestly, may be where the tears begin to start during any potential viewings of this film.

For reasons not yet made clear, Casita is starting to fall apart during the events of Encanto. In turn, the Madrigal family is threatened with the loss of their powers, leaving Mirabel as the best hope for keeping it all together. That kind of adventure is quintessentially Disney, right down to the fact that Casita can actually play its own music. A music that could be lost forever, if Mirabel can't save the day.

Those sounds are also going to strike a familiar chord, as Encanto is another collaboration between Disney and one of its preferred musical masterminds, Lin-Manuel Miranda. In a year where Miranda’s work has been all over, through In The Heights’ cinematic adaptation and the upcoming tick,tick...BOOM! film he’s directed for Netflix, Encanto is yet another feather in the plentiful caps of Lin-Manuel Miranda connected works that have dropped throughout 2021. But of course, 2021 has also been the year of musicals, so it makes sense that Disney’s 60th animated spectacular joins the parade of melodic movements telling stories.

Encanto embodies both the adventurous spirit and the musicality of the studio’s classic works, in one colorful package. As it’s scheduled to arrive in theaters just in time for Thanksgiving, the story of Mirabel and the Madrigal family is definitely a film you’re going to want to see with your loved ones. That said, be sure to stock up on tissues accordingly, as you may not be the only one crying when the lights come up.

Encanto premieres only in theaters on November 24, with its Disney+ debut set to take place after a 30-day window of exclusivity. Which means that, roughly, December 24 is when subscribers should be able to enjoy this latest round of Disney magic at home. So check out The Disney Bundle, as it’ll grant your wish to access Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, in one magical subscription!

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