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Though Garry Marshall is nearly 76 years old, he's still hip enough with the kids to recognize a phenomenon when he sees it-- after all, he managed to shoehorn Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner into Valentine's Day, despite the fact that they had nothing to do with the rest of the story and had broken up by the time the movie came out. As he gears up for a sequel, of sorts, to that movie, New Year's Eve, he's apparently already getting pressured to include the next big teen sensation.

"Already, they're mentioning Justin Bieber," he told MTV. "I have no idea who that is, but I'm sure we'll meet." Marshall said he was courting an all-new celebrity cast for this one, and that none of the actors from Valentine's Day would be part of this one except Hector Elizondo, who Marshall says "has to be in all my movies." You'd think he would have run out of celebrities after Valentine's Day, but Marshall brags that he's pretty well connected-- he's openly hoping that Reese Witherspoon and Halle Berry will jump on board.

As for Bieber, who knows what role he'll play-- Valentine's Day proved that Marshall can cram endless people into plotlines that don't relate, and give screen time to even the least talented of performers (sorry, Taylor Swift). New Year's Eve is set for a December 9, 2011 release, so Marshall can only hope that Bieber isn't totally over by then.

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