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If you've been reading Cinema Blend for a while you've probably realized that we were big fans of Mystery Team, the film from troupe Derrick Comedy about a group of child sleuths who keep up the gig well after they're too old for it. One of the movie's stars, Donald Glover, has already moved on to stardom with a full-time gig on Community, and now it's time for D.C. Pierson to get an acting career kicked off as well.

As reported by The Wrap, Pierson and a whole slew of other actors are joining the cast of Grassroots, a "quirky political comedy" from director Stephen Gyllenhaal. The movie is based on Phil Campbell's memoir of the 2001 Seattle City Council election, which apparently got a little weirder than you might expect. Jason Biggs will play Campbell himself, a reporter who reluctantly agrees to run his friend's (Joel David Moore, Avatar) campaign for city council. Lauren Ambrose will play Biggs's girlfriend, and How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders, Cedric the Entertainer, Tom Arnold, Christopher McDonald, Emily Bergl and Pierson will round out the cast. The Wrap isn't saying what role Pierson will play, but we're just hoping it's a big one-- this guy is more than due for the big time.

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