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Lawrence Sher has some impressive comedies on his resume. As a cinematographer and director of photography, he studied under directors like Todd Phillips and John Hamburg for movies like The Hangover (and its sequel), Due Date, I Love You, Man and Dan In Real Life. Paramount Pictures was so impressed on what Sher has done to date -- particularly on the work he did on the studio’s recent comedy, The Dictator -- that they’re willing to give him a shot at developing his own comedy.

It would be called Bastards, according to Variety, and Sher would direct from a script by Justin Malen if he can get it to a level where the studio’s ready to greenlight it. The trade describes the plot as the story of two brothers whose world is turned upside down when they’re told their father isn’t their biological dad. So they set off on a road trip to find the man who actually gave birth to them.

Variety says Ivan Reitman’s ready to produce Bastards through his Montecito Pictures shingle. What’s next? Sher should focus on casting his male leads, because that seems to be everything for a premise such as Bastards. The good news is that Sher has worked with some extremely funny comedians on his previous projects, so all he has to do is pick up the phone and dial the likes of Steve Carell, Zach Galifianakis or Sacha Baron Cohen to help get Bastards off the ground. It sounds like this could be really funny. We’ll keep you posted on the project as it gradually develops.

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