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After years of waiting, we finally know when we will be getting to see the next big-screen Jack Ryan adventure. Paramount Pictures has announced that they will be releasing the new movie, which is set to be directed by Kenneth Branagh and star Chris Pine, on December 25, 2013. While that date may seem very far off - it's nearly a year and a half away - the film already has some competition on that weekend, as Universal has announced that they will be sending the Keanu Reeves action film 47 Ronin into theaters that day and Fox has given Christmas to the Ben Stiller remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

The news follows reports from last week that said the studio was thinking about releasing the project in late 2013, but were more concerned about getting a proper script than rushing to meet a deadline. Though we're still not sure if the movie has an official title, Box Office Mojo, which posted the news about the new release date, suggests that it could simply be called Jack Ryan.

The film will be a reboot in every sense, as it will go back to when Ryan was first starting out. The plot will see him working in Moscow where he discovers that his boss (played by Branagh) is actually financing a terrorist plot. Kiera Knightley has been brought on-board to play the female lead in the picture while Kevin Costner has signed on to play Ryan's mentor, a new character in the Jack Ryan canon named William Harper. In a bit of a twist, Costner's character is also been linked to an adaptation of Tom Clancy's Without Remorse, which would be a spin-off franchise a la the Marvel Cinematic Universe and feature another up-and-coming hero named John Kelly (it has been rumored that the studio is interested in having Tom Hardy play that role).

It's unknown when the project will go into production.

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