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Director Taylor Hackford is known for crafting lurid movies. Be it the Al Pacino-fronted thriller The Devil's Advocate, the Oscar-winning biopic Ray or his last effort, the critically panned Love Ranch, he tends to offer hard-hitting but undeniably salacious stories. And as his upcoming Parker stars the steely English hunk Jason Statham opposite the ever-sultry Jennifer Lopez, we can rightly expect sparks to fly.

In the crime thriller Statham plays Parker, a kind of modern Robin Hood who lives by a code: "I don't steal from people who can't afford it, and I don't hurt people who don't deserve it." But there's no honor among thieves, so when the titular protagonist turns down a jewelry robbery proposed by a merciless thug (Michael Chiklis), he's shot and left for dead. Hungry for revenge, he teams up with a real-estate agent (Jennifer Lopez) to plan a complicated heist of his own. Yesterday we got a peek at the pic's poster, and now you can check out its trailer below:

Okay, I'm always on board for another action-packed Statham outing, but let's get a few things straight. One: let's never put a wig on him again; he makes bald work. Two: never make him have any accent other than his own, especially a cringe-inducing attempt at a Southern twang. Three: in the case of cowboy hats refer to point one. These bizarre choices aside, Parker--or as Statham says it Pah-kahr--seems like it'll be exactly the kind of mindless fun we'll need in the thick of awards season to give us a bit of a break from all the heady Oscar contenders.

Parker hits theaters January 25th, 2013.

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