We’re not sure if you’ve heard yet, but Zootopia is kind of a big deal. In all of two weekends it’s the second biggest movie of the year, and with the strong word of mouth the film is seeing, we don’t expect it will go anywhere anytime soon. As is the case with any movie that is both financially profitable for the studio and popular among fans, the talk of a potential sequel is already happening.

We are entirely in support of the sequel talk. Zootopia is great, and we hope we see it again. But here’s the thing. There are lots of Disney movies that deserve sequels, and while fast-tracking a live-action movie can make sequels happen comparatively quickly, there’s only so much you can do to make an animated feature happen faster. Pushing Zootopia to the front of the line will only delay the other Disney followups we want to see. Here are ten Disney sequels that have to happen before Zootopia 2.

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Wreck-It Ralph
We’ll start with the one that appears most likely for a sequel. While a follow-up to 2012’s video game focused Wreck-It Ralph is not officially on Disney’s announced slate of upcoming films, we’ve heard from a reliable source, John C. Riley, the voice of Ralph himself, that it is happening. We’re hoping to hear more on this one sooner rather than later, and we also hope that all of the old characters come back. As somebody who can rock a pretty decent game of Fix-It Felix Jr., this one better get to it.

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