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Zola Ending Explained And What We Know About The Real-Life Story

It's time to compare notes with the real Zola after that wild finale.

A24's New Movie Zola Has An Amazing Tagline

Talk about an eye catching tagline!

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Where You've Seen The Devil All The Time Cast Before

Netflix's The Devil All The Time features an all-star ensemble. Here's where you've seen these actors before.

Earthquake Bird Spoilers: How The Netflix Film's Ending Is Different From The Book
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Daniel Craig And Channing Tatum's NASCAR Heist Thriller Is Building An Incredible Cast

An all-star ensemble of actors has signed on to join Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum and director Steven Soderbergh in the upcoming heist film Logan Lucky.

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All The Mad Max Sister Wives Got Matching Tattoos

There was certainly no shortage of noteworthy bells and whistles looking to grab your attention in Mad Max: Fury Road. However, central to all of that was the group of rescued women who were unwillingly betrothed to the film’s creepy villain. It seems that the bond shared by their characters was mirrored in a real life friendship that the group chose to venerate with a tattoo.

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Here's Who Will Star In Steven Soderbergh's Girlfriend Experience Series

The trend of movies being turned into TV series is here to stay – if it was ever absent in the first place – and one of the latest to make the jump is Steven Soderbergh’s 2009 drama The Girlfriend Experience, which is headed to Starz. (Yeah, I don’t get it either.) The series has landed its lead actress, who worked with Soderbergh in a small role in Magic Mike.

Magic Mike And Dark Knight Rises Starlets Fall In Love In Jack & Diane Trailer

With the title Jack and Diane, writer-director Bradley Rust Gray's follow-up to the acclaimed indie The Exploding Girl brings to mind the catchy anthem of John Mellencamp that told the tale of "two American kids growing up in the heartland." Yet rather than unfolding a story of a middle America football star

Orlando Bloom Practices Bad Medicine In The Good Doctor Trailer

Lance Daly (Last Days in Dublin, The Halo Effect) directs The Good Doctor, which looks like a solid turn-the-screws drama with a flawed character making selfish decisions and rapidly spiraling out of control as the seams to his peaceful existence come undone.

UPDATED: Jessica Biel And Riley Keough Playing Strippers For Steven Soderbergh

At one point Soderbergh was considering casting Lindsay Lohan in the part, but according to a source, "he didn't want to deal with all that." "All that" presumably meaning Lohan's many, many tabloid-ready troubles, plus the fact that the movie would immediately become "Lindsay Lohan's stripper movie"-- a title that didn't work out so well for I Know Who Killed Me, after all

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Four Unknown Actresses Make Snow White And The Hutsman Shortlist

The shortlist of four includes Riley Keough (Elvis's granddaughter seen in The Runaways) and Felicity Jones (in Julie Taymor's The Tempest), plus Bella Heathcoat and Alicia Vikander

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Elvis's Granddaughter Riley Keough Joins Mad Max: Fury Road

Riley Keough looks pretty much like any other up-and-coming starlet-- blonde, blue-eyed, thousand-yard stare-- but she's got a serious pedigree on her side: she's the daughter of Lisa-Marie Presley

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