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Welcome to the 42nd edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! Today, Mick and Adrienne welcome back CinemaBlend editor Corey Chichizola to recap Jessica Jones Season 1 and talk all about our hopes for Season 2! As most fans will know, Jessica Jones is a bit different when it comes to superhero shows. The hero doesn't wear a costume or even use her powers on a regular basis unless she's really forced to, and she'd much rather drink than become known for protecting New York by doing a bunch of "superhero shit." Jessica is a private detective by trade and a hero by chance, and she seems to like it that way.

To prepare for the new season, we're going to get you up to date on what happened in Season 1, which hit Netflix in September 2015, and then get into what we hope and believe we can all look forward to in Season 2, which will debut next week, on March 8. Ready to dive in? Great! Read on to get the lowdown on this week's podcast and then listen for yourself above!

2:10 - Streaming News You Need To Know
6:57 - Weekly Queue
11:21 - Jessica Jones Season 1 Recap
14:17 - Intro: What We Know So Far About Jessica Jones Season 2
14:34 - Why The Car Crash Still Matters
17:20 - What's Going On With Kilgrave
20:22 - Could Trish Actually Become Hellcat?
23:36 - How The Defenders Could Impact Season 2
30:33 - Who Else Could've Been Created Alongside Jessica
3134 - Does Season 2 Actually Have A Villain?
35:27 - Highlights From CinemaBlend's Interview With Krysten Ritter

Now, get in on the fun and have a listen to The Cord Cutter Podcast #42! Join us next time when we talk about new Netflix additions Mute and Seven Seconds! And, be sure to subscribe to The Cord Cutter podcast on iTunes, right here and follow us on Twitter through @CordCutterPod!

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