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Jessica Jones May Have Just Cast Typhoid Mary

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Jessica Jones brought some unforgettable Marvel characters to Netflix when it debuted back in 2015. Jessica brutally (and awesomely) killed supervillain Kilgrave at the end of the first season, so she's in need of some new baddies for Season 2. A character who sounds an awful lot like the Marvel villainess known as Typhoid Mary will be on the scene in the next batch of episodes, and we now know who will be playing her. Leah Gibson of The 100 and The Returned has landed the role.

Netflix has not confirmed that the character -- currently only listed as "Ingrid" -- is actually Typhoid Mary, but fans have had reason to speculate that they are one and the same. A release of character descriptions listed "Ingrid" as an edgy and attractive female with dark hair and history of living on the streets. Attracted to both men and women, she was trained as a nurse and retains her street smarts.

Typhoid Mary of Marvel Comics fame is one of three distinct personalities inhabiting the body of Mary Walker. She was born when she encountered Daredevil while she was working in a brothel. Daredevil accidentally knocked her out of a window in an act that split her personalities. As Typhoid Mary, she is bold, lustful, and violent as she fights to uphold her vow that no man would ever hurt her again. As Bloody Mary, she's brutal and sadistic in a way that Typhoid Mary isn't. As Mary Walker... well, Mary Walker is just somebody who happens to have two very ugly sides. All three of the Marys have psionic powers, including telekinesis and pyrokinesis, although they can't all access the abilities to the same degree.

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If Leah Gibson is indeed playing a Typhoid Mary who also has two other distinct personalities, then she nabbed herself a meaty role. Switching between Marys would undoubtedly be tricky, even if she primarily performs as Typhoid Mary. David Tennant as Kilgrave from Jessica Jones Season 1 will be a tough act to follow, but Gibson as Typhoid Mary could do the trick. Variety reports that Gibson is on board as a series regular, so she'll have plenty of chances to prove herself.

Given that Typhoid Mary is closely associated with Matt Murdock in Marvel Comics lore, I have to wonder if we'll see some crossover with Daredevil in Jessica Jones Season 2. Mary's personalities in the comics are so distinct that they have different voices and even heart rates, which makes it difficult for Matt to keep track of her. If Jessica and Matt are friendly after the events of The Defenders, perhaps he'll drop by once Typhoid Mary starts acting up.

We can only wait and see. Leah Gibson's debut on Jessica Jones is likely still a ways off, but Jessica herself can be seen next in The Defenders, which will unite the heroes from all four of Netflix's current Marvel shows to battle a larger threat. Our Netflix premiere schedule can give you all the streaming dates you need, and our summer TV guide can show you what you can watch in primetime.

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