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As it turns out, The Rock + Large-Scale Chaos + Towering CGI Creatures = Box Office Success! Over the weekend, Brad Peyton's Rampage squeaked out a box office win over John Krasinski's terrifying A Quiet Place, becoming the number 1 movie in the U.S. and around the globe. So it thrills us to report that, as part of his victory lap, Peyton hopped on the ReelBlend podcast as a very special guest to discuss shooting Rampage, collaborating with The Rock on their third action adventure, advancing the art of motion-capture, and much more. We are so happy to have Brad Peyton on ReelBlend this week, so give it a listen above.

In addition to our exclusive sit down with Peyton, ReelBlend co-hosts Kevin McCarthy, Jake Hamilton and Sean O'Connell are gearing up for the debut of Joe and Anthony Russo's Avengers: Infinity War, which will hit theaters on April 27. Kevin is on his way out to the junket in L.A., and Sean and Jake are seeing it early next week. So this is the final episode that they can record before seeing the movie for themselves. Knowing that, they decided to pick three Marvel Rumors that they think actually WILL happen in Infinity War. Give a listen, then tell us in the comments if you agree or disagree.

Kevin also wanted to dig back into A Quiet Place, the horror thriller that keeps packing audience members into theaters. He didn't like it as much as Jake and Sean did, but we never had the opportunity to discuss the things that bothered him about Krasinski's direction. We take care of that in this week's episode.

Moonrise Kingdom

And finally, our game! This week was dedicated to the films of Wes Anderson, and in a rare feat, #WesBlend produced three different answers from the boys. AND, the people playing at home via social media had a different pick, as well. Four different Wes Anderson movies! Listen and see which ones we chose for #WesBlend.

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