HeroBlend #16: Why Disney Won't Rehire James Gunn

Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #16! Superhero movie fans everywhere are still reeling from the news that James Gunn was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, so, this week, Eric and Adrienne will break down the most recent developments in the story, including why Disney, apparently, isn't planning to rehire him. First, though, we've got a lot of cool superhero news to go over, so we'll chat about Zack Snyder's newly revealed plan for Robin in Batman v. Superman, the rumors of a Doctor Strange 2 filming date and a potential villain for the X-Force movie.

And, because we love to give you as much info as possible in every action-packed episode, we've got a lot of big topics to discuss this week. Eric will answer Adrienne's pressing questions about the new Venom trailer (including why it's so damn hard to understand him when he speaks), go through everything we know about the James Gunn situation (efforts by the cast and fans to support him, what his firing means for the movie overall and who should replace him), detail who Pedro Pascal might be playing in Wonder Woman 1984 and talk shit about Iron Fist while going over the most recent trailer and our hopes for the Netflix show in Season 2. Sit back and relax, folks, because this is one chat you're not going to want to miss! Ready to dive in? Great! Read on to get the lowdown on this week's podcast and then listen for yourself above!

00:50 - Zack Snyder Reveals What His Plan Was For Robin In Batman v. Superman

04:48 - Could Doctor Strange 2 Start Filming This Year?

10:00 - Potential X-Force Movie Villain

14:35 - More From Facebook Live: New Venom Trailer

29:07 - Why Disney Won't Rehire James Gunn

44:57 - We're Think We Know Who Pedro Pascal Plays In Wonder Woman 1984

51:42 - We Need To Open Up About Iron Fist

Now, get in on the superhero-filled fun and have a listen to the HeroBlend Podcast #16! And, be sure to subscribe to the HeroBlend Podcast on iTunes, right here.

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