Luke Cage's Simone Missick Explains How Misty Will Be Used In Iron Fist Season 2

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Luke Cage's improved second season hit Netflix over the weekend, and many fans are undoubtedly finished with the whole shebang by this point, with questions about what'll happen next with these characters. We're likely not gonna learn about Luke's immediate future in Harlem, but star Simone Missick offered up a few clues about what we can expect to see from her Misty Knight in Iron Fist Season 2. In her words:

Without giving too much away, obviously, the relationship between Misty and Colleen is going to be explored, and that is the greatest gift that I could have. Working with Jessica Henwick has been a pleasure, not only because of who she is, as a person, but because you know you're giving the fans what they want to see, with these two characters together, with the hopes that it will eventually be Daughters of Dragon. Hopefully, that's something that they're satisfied with, once they see the season.

While The Defenders was a fine enough team-up season for Netflix's Marvel vigilantes, the next step for the franchise should definitely be the female-fronted pair-off between Misty and Colleen, which is dubbed the Daughters of the Dragon in the comics that started up back in 1977. (To be sure, people also want a "Heroes For Hire" project with Luke and Danny Rand teamed together.) And while we might not get to see that in full during Iron Fist Season 2, it sounds like the different shows' creative teams are working together on developing Misty and Colleen's partnership to get to a point where an official tag team makes sense within the Netflix franchises' narratives.

Luke Cage viewers got another taste of the Misty-Colleen combo during Season 2, when actress Jessica Henwick showed up and joined in on a pretty awesome bar fight alongside Misty. And since we'd already watched them dishing out ass-whoopings in The Defenders, when Misty lost her arm, the third time should be the charm here. Simone Missick's appearance in Iron Fist Season 2 will hopefully lead to Netflix ordering up a new spinoff.

Not that the entirety of Simone Missick's Iron Fist stint will be focused on Misty and Colleen's developing relationship. The actress also shared that she'll serve up some comic relief, which should please any fans who thought that Season 1 was too overly serious in setting up Danny Rand's story. Here's what else she told Collider:

But then, because this is not Harlem, it's Chinatown and it's downtown, it's not really Misty's beat. I just get to find the humor in these outstandingly unbelievable scenarios. With Luke, it's like, 'Okay, this person has impenetrable skin.' With Danny, he's like, 'I am the immortal Iron Fist from K'un-Lun, that was forged with a dragon.' That is just so much fun to explore, as well. And everyone over at that show has been great.

Danny became a much more approachable character in The Defenders and Luke Cage Season 2, so perhaps that centeredness will continue to be developed in the next batch of episodes, with Simone Missick nearby, hopefully ready to deliver sassy retorts to Danny's dragon stories. Keep making us proud, Misty! Show K'un-Lun what Harlem life is all about.

It's currently unknown when Iron Fist Season 2 will make its way to viewers, but Netflix will likely debut its next Marvel drama in the fall or early winter, so stay tuned for more info. And in the meantime, our summer premiere schedule will clue you in on all the new and returning shows hitting the airwaves soon.

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