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Whether you watch for the creative advertisements, the newly dropped movie trailers, the sexy half time show, or the actual football game, the Super Bowl is an annual event that gets everyone’s hearts racing and social media accounts roaring. We all have some sort of reaction to the 4+ hours of entertainment, and that includes the likes of our favorite celebrities. Because, hey, some of them are just like you and me. And they like to tweet their personal witticisms just as much as the next person. So here we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best tweets of the night. And by best we mean the Twitter jokesters, the clowns, the celebrities who really know what’s most important during Super Bowl XLIX.

Bryan Cranston will forever be Walter White. And always has a killer Breaking Bad pun up his sleeve.

Jason Biggs weighs in on how his exciting night is going.

Billy Eichner makes us question what exactly we are watching.

Kumail Nanjiani proves we are all human and a Lord of the Rings slip-up is only natural in this current situation.

Chord Overstreet is still stuck cracking jokes about last week's news.

Mindy Kaling uses the perfect screenshot from her Super Bowl ad, proving yes indeed, Matt Damon finds her strange.

Anna Faris teases her husband from afar, you may have heard of him, he stars in this blockbuster film called Guardians of the Galaxy.

Elizabeth Banks shares her highlight of the game. Our own jealousy ensues.

Anna Kendrick’s entire Twitter account pretty much won the night. But her response to Katy Perry’s Half Time show ruled them all.

And they might not be a celebrity, but AMC Theatres realized who the real star of the night was.

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