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Just a few weeks after being charged with not paying her federal income taxes for a three-year stretch, musician Lauryn Hill officially pleaded guilty to the charges against her. The former Fugees singer has publically admitted to not giving Uncle Sam his percentage of her earnings, and all indications are she will pay the government once she has the funds to comfortably do so.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hill has insinuated she will attempt to further clarify what happened at her upcoming sentencing hearing. She previously released a long, rambling message claiming to have withdrawn from society during the time period she avoided her bill, but given how vague the correspondence was, it’s likely she’ll want to let people know exactly what was going through her mind.

Hill was once a rising star in the music industry, but rather than push her fame to new heights, she decided to have six children and live rather quietly. In recent years, she’s performed a bit and been more open with her life. It’s unclear whether she’ll ever start churning out albums again, but regardless, her fans are hopeful they’ll at least be able to see her play gigs on a more regular basis.

Clearly, Hill made a mistake with the whole tax debacle. The law allows the judge to sentence her to three years in jail for her crime, but hopefully, she’ll get probation and begin paying her debt immediately. She can’t do the government or her children much good behind bars.

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