121212 Concert For Sandy Relief Highlights: Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, Paul McCartney And Nirvana

In an effort to raise money for the Robin Hood foundation to help the people still suffering in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, various musicians and bands got together last night for 12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief. Those who tuned in know it ran for more than five hours and featured a number of fantastic musical performances. Among them, Eddie Vedder and Roger Waters sang Comfortably Numb, and Paul McCartney jammed with Nirvana to "Cut Me Some Slack."

Those fans of Pink Floyd were treated early as Roger Waters took the stage and performed a few hits, including "Comfortably Numb" with Eddie Vedder.

The night was full of excellent, memorable music moments, among which was Paul McCartney taking the stage and performing "Cut Me Some Slack" with a reunited Nirvana.

Watching McCartney sing while Dave Grohl pounded on the drums behind him was quite a sight (and sound!) And for a bit of Jersey pride, you can catch part of Jon Bon Jovi's performance with Bruce Springsteen in this video…

Adam Sandler (accompanied by Paul Shaffer) told Sandy off in his own version of "Hallelujah."

Sure, he sort of wrecked the original song, but it was a humorous moment at the event and it got some laughs.

Among some of the other great musical moments from the night were classic rockers The Who and The Rolling Stones. Also performing were Alicia Keys at the piano and Kanye West in a skirt. And there was a performance by Coldplay's Chris Martin and REM's Michael Stipe of "Losing My Religion." Catch part of that one below...

We were also treated to a pretty fantastic set by beloved New Yorker Billy Joel. The concert provided hours of musical entertainment for viewers and hopefully raised a lot of money for the Robin Hood foundation to help those Sandy victims struggling as the weather gets colder and the holidays are upon us. The album is available for pre-order at iTunes, with an expected release date of December 18, 2012. All proceeds of the album from iTunes are said to be donated to the Robin Hood Foundation. And those who want to make a donation can go to 121212Concert.org.

Kelly West
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