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Exciting news for the Baldwin family. Alec’s pregnant wife Hilaria entered the hospital yesterday after she started having labor pains. By the end of the evening, the married couple met their daughter for the first time, and surprise surprise, she has a totally conventional and beautiful name: Carmen Gabriela.

Like everything else about Alec’s life, the trip to the hospital and Hilaria’s subsequent time in labor were aggressively covered by the New York media. The actual birth itself, however, was officially announced on Hilaria’s Twitter account. You can read the announcement in question below…

Over the years, Alec has had some very high profile problems with his ex-wife Kim Basinger and his daughter Ireland. Luckily, father and daughter seem to get along swimmingly now, and never has there been better evidence of that than this weekend. Like a caring and concerned older sister, Ireland sat down and wrote a lengthy letter to the little girl who entered her life and posted it on her tumblr. It’s definitely not the type of thing the average parent would write themselves as it involves drinking, smoking pot and plenty of talk about boys, but it actually contains a lot of great advice and is oddly touching.

You can check out an excerpt here…
”YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. In elementary school, you may not necessarily care about your outward appearance as much. For me, I started to care in Middle School. I started to compare myself to my classmates and to my friends. I would come home and sob for hours because I had super rosy red cheeks and hairy legs because I didn’t know razors were a thing. We’ll get into shaving later. In high school, I started to care about other’s opinions of me too often and I began to hate my body. I simply wasn’t good enough for my own two eyes. You may be as awkward as a hillbilly at the opera in middle school and part of high school, but believe me, you will grow out of it! Don’t beat yourself up! Eating clean and staying fit won’t be difficult for you considering your mom is the Dalai Lama of yoga and eats beyond healthy. Enjoy your pizza parties and your Starbucks. I’m sure you and I will bake together and go on milkshake dates. We can even workout together. I’ll always be your gym buddy. Just remember, the happiest girl in the room is the prettiest girl. By projecting your inner beauty, you will shine.”

Pop Blend’s sincerest well wishes go out to the entire Baldwin family during this very exciting week. There are no joys quite like welcoming a child into the world, and with love, dedication and lessons Alec no doubt learned from the first time around, there’s no reason to think these two won’t be wonderful parents to little Carmen.

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