What did you do last night? If you happened to be one of the lucky two hundred who attended the Winter White Gala at Kensington Palace in London, the answer is “witnessed something too bizarre for words”. Jon Bon Jovi, accepting an award for all of his recent humanitarian work with homeless teens, took the stage to perform his all-time classic track “Livin’ On A Prayer”. That’s happened thousands of times before, of course but there was nothing ordinary about the two people who joined him to sing along on stage: Prince William and Taylor Swift.

Yeah, I know. Total WTF moment, right? Luckily, video of the crazy collaboration surfaced almost immediately after the ceremony ended. You can check it out below…

Given how busy everyone involved is, I would be shocked if these three ever found themselves on the same stage again, but in a way, that’s exactly what makes that fascinating, horrible rendition so special. It’s like Zach Braff’s original moment speech in Garden State played out in the flesh. Enjoy it while you can. It’ll never, ever be recreated.

Luckily, now that you’ve seen the oddity that is the video above, there are plenty of other strange collaborations and odd duets we can spend some time revisiting for our collective amusement. From karaoke performances that have spun out of control to charity event sing-a-longs to weird concert encores, celebrities love sharing the stage; so, in honor of those moments, let’s take a look back at 7 of them, starting on the next page.

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