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Screech's New Mugshot Needs To Be Seen

Best known for his role as Screech Powers on Saved By The Bell and all of its spinoffs, actor Dustin Diamond has, unfortunately, spent the past few years generating a lot of headlines for more unusual reasons. From arrests to sex tapes, he's jumped headfirst into a lot of strange, and now, he can add a wonderfully bizarre mugshot to his eclectic resume.

Check this weird smile out...

That is an all-time classic smirk. He looks like a 6-year-old child that just got caught climbing through the cabinets looking for Girl Scout Cookies. It's like he knows he should probably feel bad about what happened, but when it comes down to it, he just doesn't. At all. Either that or he's nervous and a weird smile came out. We've all been there. So has Chris Brown.

The crime in question for Dustin Diamond was a positive drug test. According to TMZ, he tested positive for Oxycodone, which is a big problem since he's on probation for some of his prior issues and needs to stay clean. He reportedly told his parole officer he took the leftover painkiller from an old prescription because he had a toothache. As such, he was booked, took that sweet mugshot and was forced to spend two days in jail. He's since been released and is now back to trying to stay clean.

In the years since Saved By The Bell ended, Dustin Diamond has made a lot of television appearances as himself. He showed up on Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Boxing and pretty much anything in between. Unfortunately, he's found new acting roles a bit harder to land. Some of that may be due to his personal problems, but a lot of it is probably related to just how iconic the role of Screech Powers became. It's really hard to imagine most viewers being able to buy the actor as anyone other than the loveable, absent-minded nerd.

Here's to hoping Dustin Diamond can get his life together. Plenty of former child stars go through bumps in the road after fame. It would be nice for him to turn into a success story.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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