Leonardo DiCaprio Is Headed To Court, Here's Why

Leonardo DiCaprio

It looks like winning an Oscar isn't enough to keep you from going to mandated court appearances. Don't worry, Leonardo DiCaprio isn't in any actual trouble as you might expect with these sorts of things. In fact, he's really only involved through association. A New York judge has made a motion for DiCaprio to make a deposition in regards to a lawsuit against The Wolf of Wall Street. The lawsuit comes from Andrew Greene over his alleged depiction in the Martin Scorsese drama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Greene, a former executive at Stratton Oakmont (the firm depicted in the movie), is suing Paramount Pictures over the character of Nicky "Rugrat" Koskoff, played by P.J. Byrne. Greene claims that the character was based on himself and that it depicts him as a criminal who does drugs and shaves a woman's head, as well as a number of other illegal activities. Additionally, Greene believes that they changed his nickname "Wigwam" to "Rugrat" for the film. Greene is suing for $50 million for the spread of untruths about his character and the damage of his reputation. A judge previously rejected these claims, but allowed Greene and his lawyers some wiggle room to readjust their position.

Martin Scorsese and the screenwriter Terence Winter have both already done depositions. Winter was the writer so he can provide any information about the inspiration for the character in the writing process while Scorsese can weigh in on any on set changes and improvisations. You may be asking yourself "if that's the case, then why do they need Leonardo DiCaprio?" Well, Greene's lawyers are claiming that DiCaprio may be privy to some inside knowledge from his various roles in the creative process.

Conversely, the defendant's lawyers are trying to keep Leonardo DiCaprio out of it, maintaining that he wasn't involved in the writing of the character and wasn't even the one who played the role. Regardless, he's still being called as "the third one on the defendants' side allowed to be deposed." However, if DiCaprio's lawyers don't find the questions relevant, then a magistrate judge will be called in to re-review the interrogation.

If you're having trouble remembering the Rugrat character, here's a clip from The Wolf of Wall Street where he saves a woman's head so that she can afford a boob job.

Andrew Greene is claiming that none of the events in the above clip actually happened. Shocker. The movie is based on a memoir written by Jordan Belfort, who Leonardo DiCaprio played in the film. The Wolf of Wall Street was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Actor and Best Director. There's no word yet on when DiCaprio will have to go in for questioning, so keep checking in with CinemaBlend for more updates as they become available.

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