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Are North and Saint West about to have a little brother or sister? A tweet that Kim Kardashian posted on Tuesday night seemingly confirming that she's pregnant had the Internet going crazy... until she shut down those pregnancy rumors in a follow-up tweet, that is.

After Kim Kardashian announced that she and husband Kanye West are releasing a children's clothing line soon on her SnapChat on Tuesday, the reality star switched over to Twitter to hear what her fans had to say. One fan took the opportunity to try to find out if the kiddie clothing line could mean that Kardashian is planning on getting pregnant again, and asked her to retweet him if she would be pregnant by the time the line launches. Not only did the reality star retweet the fan, but added on the hand raised emoji and a bunch of baby emojis as well.

From her tweet, it seems like Kim Kardashian could be planning on having a third baby sometime soon, but could it mean she's pregnant right now? That's what a ton of her fans assumed that the tweet meant, but Kardashian shut those rumors down by responding to another fan who asking if she was currently pregnant. Kardashian wrote back "Def not!" with a laughing emoji, so it sounds like we're all going to have to wait a while before welcoming the newest little Kardashian-West baby.

So Kim Kardashian isn't pregnant right now, but maybe she's working on changing that soon. The reality star has talked about wanting another child a lot recently --- it was even a major focus of the last season of her show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Unfortunately, due to the pregnancy struggles she experienced with both North and Saint West, Kardashian revealed that her physicians have warned her that getting pregnant again could wind up being harmful to her. In response, Kardashian has considered using a surrogate for her third child, but didn't fully embrace the idea for fear that she may love the surrogate-born child less than the two she gave birth to.

Whether or not it is through surrogacy, it does sound like Kim Kardashian is definitely intent on having another baby. I hope North and Saint are good at sharing their toys!

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