Ciara's Topless Baby Bump Photo Has Too Many Hands

There's a very particular reason why pop culture and celebrity is so interesting for us common folk. Aside from the talent and art provided by celebs, they also have the tendency to act bizarre ways that keep us thoroughly entertained. And one catalyst that usually sets off these strange actions is pregnancy. We love hearing crazy celebrity baby names, and are joyful when our favorite star celebs celebrate a birth. And now singer and occasional actress Ciara has put her own weird stamp on the pregnancy picture game, revealing a topless photograph that looks like a game of twister.

Today Ciara revealed her topless pregnancy photo that features herself, husband Russell Wilson, and her first child. Check it all out via Ciara's Instagram.

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Move over, Beyonce. Ciara has her own pregnancy photos, and they're just about as iconic and bananas as yours.

In Ciara's photo, there's a ton of stuff happening. At first glance, you might not exactly get where all of the various body parts are coming from. While Ciara (nakedly) holds her first child, son of rapper Future, there is also a set of hands on her sizeable baby pump. That's none other than husband and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson. While he's barely visible, you can make out his figure hiding behind Ciara's, while his hands (with a noticeable wedding band) embrace Ciara's pregnant belly.

I've got to say, this picture has A LOT going on. While seeing Ciara bonding with both of her children is certainly beautiful, the extra pair of hands make the image feel off. It takes the picture from stunning to somewhat creepy, which is a shame considering how great the rest of the picture is. Call me crazy, but an extra pair of hands appearing out of nowhere gives me serious Grudge flashbacks.

However, one simple adjustment could take the pregnancy photo from confusing to beautiful. Just let poor Russell Wilson stand up! If he were also standing, he could very easily reach down and embrace Ciara's belly; and who doesn't love a hug from behind? Then again, perhaps the duo wanted to make more of a splash with their image. A more traditional pose likely wouldn't go viral, and any publicity is good publicity.

Ciara's image comes just a few short weeks after Beyonce announced that she was pregnant with twins. Blue Ivy's Mom revealed an extremely stylized photo shoot, where she is seen embracing her pregnant body, as well as bonding with baby Blue. These viral images broke the internet, followed quickly by an impressive Grammy performance by the singer. Ciara seems to have followed suit with her own headline grabbing pregnancy shoot. Hey, Queen B is probably the right singer to emulate.

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