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The 2020 race to the White House could be a "fast and furious" one. Last week, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson indicated he might consider running for President of the United States in three years. Now a political poll suggests the Fate of the Furious actor would not only fare well in such a campaign--he would lay a smackdown.

Based on the poll's data, Dwayne Johnson would be the champion in an election against the incumbent president; in fact, a prospective matchup showed Johnson winning (42/37). Moreover, the star of the upcoming Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle won over 15% of the people who supported the incumbent president in 2016.

Reportedly, each of the two major candidates in the 2016 election asked Dwayne Johnson for an endorsement during their campaign. However, the muscleman movie star remained silent on his opinions. This year, the Baywatch and Moana star intimated he believes U.S. national security is of the utmost importance while there should not be bans that prevent immigrants from entering the country. But The Rock continues to keep most of his political thoughts to himself otherwise.

So, the jury is out regarding which party's ticket Dwayne Johnson would choose to run on in a presidential campaign. Nevertheless, a poll by PPP gathered data about a prospective Johnson run for President as a Democrat. Surprisingly, the survey found that Johnson had a favorable image in the eyes of both Democrats and Republicans. On the Democratic side, the majority (38/15) viewed Johnson well. Similarly, the majority on the Republican side (31/17) held positive views of him.

The report is exciting for Dwayne Johnson, but he should not get ahead of himself. If The Rock were cooking a bid for the highest office in the United States, he would have to get moving to win over people. The poll did find 36% of participants held a positive view of Johnson, which is good. However, 13% had a negative opinion of the former professional wrestler, while 50% had no view of him whatsoever. Moreover, his scores trailed those of traditional politicians on the Democratic side.

Sure, polls are infallible, especially three years before an election, and The Rock hasn't actually declared an intention to run, yet. The 2016 election was a dizzying one for many voters in part because many polls had indicated a different outcome for months. Still, whether people like or dislike a sitting administration, there are always plenty of individuals who love to speculate about the future of the United States.

Regardless of whether Dwayne Johnson becomes the next Hollywood celebrity to make a bid for the presidency, it is exciting to think how many people he could reach with his platform. Even if Johnson decides not to run for President, he could certainly help to move the nation in a positive direction. We will keep you posted with details.

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