The Internet Is Having Just The Best Time With Patrick Stewart Picking Apples

Patrick Stewart had the Internet howling with hearty laughter this week after he posted a picture of himself picking apples in an orchard. No, the typical autumn activity was not the funny part, though it was pretty cute to see the acclaimed 77-year-old actor enjoying the experience. What had people laughing were the clever memes computer savvy people made by putting the initial picture through photo-editing software. The memes are excellent, but before you can check them out, you have to see the original image first:

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Okay, Patrick Stewart's post on Instagram was pretty harmless, right? However, Stewart's caption about "picking apples in the autumn since before it was cool to post about it on Instagram" was a little bit saucy, so several people on the Internet stepped in to give the Laurence Olivier Award-winning performer some funny unsolicited help with Photoshop. It seemed to kick off with a reimagining of Stewart standing in front of a galactic background and reaching for Earth to put it in a basket full of planets:


That one was sweet, but the madness quickly took a hilarious life of its own. For example, someone thought to replace Adam with Patrick Stewart in Michaelangelo's The Creation of Adam:


Similarly, someone let Sir Patrick Stewart do a twirl in this artistic reimagining of the photo. Here is dancing his way into our hearts:


This one was, perhaps, my favorite. Maybe Patrick Stewart has been picking apples since before it was cool on Instagram, but man, you can sense how the season brings out his youthful side in this next one. (Kidding! Kidding!) Have a look:


The comedic memes are still popping up on Reddit and elsewhere, and we love them all. It just goes to show that Patrick Stewart indeed can do it all. One day he is Captain Picard in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series and the next he is Professor X in the X-Men movies. Similarly, Stewart has more than one meme in him, too. You probably have seen those famous memes that make use of Stewart's expressive gestures as Captain Picard.

It is outrageously funny how people are running with the picture of Stewart picking apples. Patrick Stewart wins the Internet yet again. Please keep the memes coming!