That Time Patrick Stewart Argued With His Wife Over Whether He Was Circumcised

Patrick Stewart on The Graham Norton Show
(Image credit: The Graham Norton Show)

Patrick Stewart is many things: an accomplished Shakespearean actor, an icon in sci-fi fandom, and an honest-to-goodness knight. One thing that he is not, as it turns out, is circumcised. The actor recently revealed that despite what he thought to be true for his whole life, his wife pointed out that he was in fact never circumcised.

It's a pretty wild story, but Patrick Stewart filled his Logan co-star Hugh Jackman and Graham Norton in on the whole ordeal on The Graham Norton Show Friday night. Apparently, Stewart had gone his entire life thinking that he was circumcised, since his mother had told him that he was, and it was only recently that his wife Sunny Ozell finally told him that he's actually a turtleneck man, not a crewneck guy.

One night with my wife, as you do, we were talking about stuff and I mentioned my circumcision and she said, 'You're not circumcised. I said, 'What do you mean? That's ridiculous, I should know. All my life my mother has told me it was fashionable at the time.'

All the while during this story, Hugh Jackman was absolutely losing it. I'm pretty sure Jackman is all of us in this situation.

Patrick Stewart went on to explain that he was so sure he was indeed circumcised, that he would not believe his wife's assertions and sought out some medical guidance to clear the whole issue up. Sure enough, Stewart's doctor confirmed his wife's statement: Stewart is indeed uncircumcised.

Patrick Stewart was laughing along while telling the story, up until the end when he lay his head in his hands and jokingly bemoaned. "My grandchildren will be watching this." You can hear Stewart tell the full hilarious story in the clip below.

Aside from talking about their genitalia, Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman were on The Graham Norton Show to promote their upcoming action flick Logan, which sees both actors reprising their X-Men characters of Professor X and Wolverine. Jackman revealed that he thought his original screen test to play Wolverine went terribly, but he still somehow managed to get the role. Their X-Men co-star Ian McKellen even makes an appearance later in the interview.

I will say this is definitely the most revealing interview that Patrick Stewart has ever given.