2 Charges Related To Hit And Run Dropped Against Chris Brown

The hit and run case against Chris Brown is collapsing. The Los Angeles City Attorney officially dropped two of the three charges against the singer today, and thanks to a financial settlement, it now seems likely the third will fall by the wayside within a matter of days, leaving only an outstanding parole violation allegation that now appears thinner and more remote than ever.

Following an extremely minor car accident back in May, the LA City Attorney conducted a full investigation and charged Brown with hit and run, failing to provide a driver’s license and failing to provide insurance information. He stopped and talked to the woman after the fender bender, but police claimed he never showed his licensed and gave incorrect insurance information. Well, his attorney brought all the necessary paperwork for the driver’s license and insurance problems (he was covered on both counts at the time of the accident) and the woman’s car Brown hit has already been fixed. In fact, the supposed victim sent her attorney to court recently to say she doesn’t want to see anyone go to jail over something as stupid as this. Consequently, if her car is fine, and she doesn’t want charges pressed, there seems to be no point in pushing forward.

According to The Los Angeles Times, that final hit and run charge should be dropped in a matter of days, but the court is reportedly planning to push forward with the probation violation. Why? Well, remember all the rumors about Brown failing to complete his community service? Well, the LA City Attorney is apparently very confident the work was never done. So, that plus a failed drug test could be enough to send the singer to jail for the four years he would owe because of the domestic violence incident with Rihanna.

Right now, any talk of jail time is very premature. It seems likely the judge will take into account all of these dropped charges and possibly even conclude the State is on a fishing expedition to try and find reasons to send him to jail. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it isn’t. We really have no way of knowing what their motivations are, but if the DA was so hellbent on him doing time, he should have made him serve more jail time when the original domestic violence case came up. After all, it kind of seems stupid to send Brown to jail over for four years over some minor infractions.

We’ll keep you updated on this case as it works its way through the court system.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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