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It's been a few days since we heard that Justin Bieber would be skipping the Grammys so as not to distract him while he completes his new album. The news was a little bit shocking, considering The Biebs lent his voice to "Despacito," a track which had been nominated for Song of the Year, although it lost that category to "That's What I Like." Meanwhile, Justin Bieber was predictably nowhere to be seen. But if you were wondering what he was doing during the 60th Grammy Awards, we finally know what he was up to: hanging out in Santa Monica with some of his friends.

That's right, Justin Bieber was totally hanging out on Ocean Avenue while many of his peers were making speeches and nabbing awards. He spent the afternoon in Santa Monica with a group of his friends, and ET even says he spent some time spreading goodwill with his fanbase. He was dressed in a t-shirt and hat and didn't seem to be minding missing the Grammys. Besides, Bieber has other things on his mind these days, including writing his new album and spending time with Selena Gomez.

Bieber's last album, Purpose, came out in 2015. Considering he had no solo work out this year and was only involved with "Despacito" -- which gave him some grief in the form of having to dodge a water bottle at one of his concerts --it's somewhat understandable that he didn't show for the awards show. It's not like we expect actors who have taken a year off from filming to show up for the Oscars, after all. (Well, unless they happen to be presenting.) However, Justin Bieber is one of the biggest names in the business, and since he did contribute to a track, there was likely some expectation from fans that he would appear, especially since "Despacito" was performed by Daddy Yankee, Zuleyka Rivera and Fonsi during the ceremony.

Ratings were down for the Grammys this year, and it's hard to tell what contributed to the decline, especially since there wasn't a lot of TV competition on Sunday night. Clearly, there was a lot of talent still there for the 2018 Grammy Awards. Blue Ivy accompanied her Mom and Dad Beyonce and Jay-Z, making here own viral moment. Ke$ha and Kendrick Lamar performances, not to mention the performance from Bruno Mars and Cardi B were also big moments during the night.

It'll be another year before the Grammys roll around again, and hopefully Justin Bieber will have put out another album by that point. If that does happen, it's unlikely the Grammys will be a night that he skips. We'll keep you posted regarding any Bieber musical moments. In the meantime, you can take a look at all of the Grammy winners, here.

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