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Camilla Cabello in an award's show

During the Grammys, singer-songwriter Camilla Cabello took the stage to discuss her life as an immigrant. But she wasn't the center of the moment. Instead, Blue Ivy, the six-year-old daughter of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z, stole everyone's attention when she seemingly told both of her parents to quiet down their applause. The moment sparked an internet sensation, unbeknownst to Cabello. Now, one month later, the musician doesn't know what to think.

I had a moment of insecurity. I surprised myself. I was like, 'What does that mean?' I'm not gonna go into this wormhole of 'Do you think she didn't like my speech?' ... I literally stopped and went, 'I'm not going to think about that.'

The quote, from Camila Cabello's interview with BBC One yesterday, shows that even she cares about Blue Ivy and her opinion. Cabello is in serious doubt about what happened with Blue Ivy at the Grammys and how she might've potentially offended the famous daughter. But The "Havana" singer is confident that if she was given a chance to interact with Blue Ivy and they got to know one another, Blue Ivy would come around on the young musician. Beyonce, keep that in mind if you're ever looking for a famous babysitter.

I feel like she would like me... Kids like me.

As host Nick Grimshaw later told Camila Cabello, the moment was potentially misinterpreted by both an anxious Cabello and the media jumping to conclusions. It's quite possible that the child of Beyonce and Jay-Z was simply telling her musician parents to keep it down because Camila wasn't finished with her speech, not because she wanted them to stop applauding for her. Of course, it's hard to tell what a six-year-old is thinking, at any point in time. So it's equally possible that she was annoyed as she was respectful. The latter seems more credible, given the circumstances and overall more adorable.

You can see Camilla's full comments, complete with the Blue Ivy video, below.

Even if Camila Cabello can't get Blue Ivy on her side, things are looking up for the pop singer. She recently announced the dates for her first-ever tour last week, which goes from April to June. Her first studio album, Camila, was released on January 12th, and it's the first album she released since separating from Fifth Harmony. The music was met with strong reviews, and she's happily forging her own path, whether Blue Ivy likes it or not.

Meanwhile, Blue Ivy recently became a big sister to eight-month-old twins, Rumi and Sir. Her mommy also took the liberty of trademarking her name (along with her siblings) recently, which isn't something that happens every day. It would seem things are going well for both Blue Ivy and Camila, although if some generational beef were to arrive between the two somehow, you know you'll find out all about it here.

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