Famed Rocker Tommy Lee Claims 21-Year-Old Son Assaulted Him

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Tommy Lee and his 21-year-old son Brandon are not doing so hot this week. The father and son got into a physical altercation for unknown reasons on Monday, and it allegedly left the rocker with a bloody lip from his own flesh-and-blood. Tommy Lee announced the violent confrontation on Twitter, claiming that he's heartbroken by what happened. At this moment, Los Angeles authorities are investigating the situation.

People reports that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department responded to an incident at Tommy Lee's California home on that distressed Monday night. Shortly after they visited the celeb's home, the musician was rushed to the hospital. While Brandon Lee hasn't been charged and no arrests were made, his son is considered the main person of interest during the investigation. Brandon is cooperating with the police on the matter, though. The news became public when Tommy Lee's shared a photo of his bloody lip on Twitter. In the since-deleted tweet, the Mötley Crüe founder said the following.

My heart is broken. You can give your kids everything they could ever want in their entire lives and they can still turn against you. Good job, Brandon. Great son!

Bradon Lee responded to his father's claims on Instagram Story. He claimed that as he gets older, he realizes that "there are few people you can trust." It's a "super depressing thought" that he thought he'd share and "be a dick." While Brandon Lee doesn't mention his father in this story, it appears that his claims to the police suggest there's potentially more to this story.

According to TMZ, Brandon was simply "defending himself" against his drunken father. It looks as though it's a case of he said, he said. It's hard to know what happened exactly inside the house at this moment, and the police are continuing their investigation for that reason. Meanwhile, Tommy Lee hit up Twitter again last night to provide his own side of the story for his followers.

It's heartbreaking when families fight like this. Brandon Lee is one of Tommy Lee's two kids with his former wife Pamela Anderson. He also shares a 20-year-old son, Dylan Lee, with the Baywatch actress. Tommy Lee is currently coupled with Vine star Brittany Furlan, and they announced their recent engagement on Valentine's Day. The 55-year-old rock musician has also been previously married to Heather Locklear and Elaine Bergen, respectively.

While things are looking sore for Tommy Lee at the present moment, the musician can potentially look forward (or dread, depending on how it turns out) the upcoming Mötley Crüe biopic that is currently in the works. Titled The Dirt and based on the band's best-selling autobiography of the same name, the Netflix new original movie currently has Machine Gun Kelly tapped to play none of than Tommy Lee himself. Douglas Booth is booked as Nikki Sixx, meanwhile, and Iwan Rheon and Daniel Webber are signed on to play Mick Mars and Vince Neil, respectively. Set to be directed by Jackass filmmaker Jeff Tremaine, the upcoming film is still in pre-production. And according to Daily Six, however, they recently found their Heather Locklear in Rebekah Graf.

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