Heather Locklear Arrested For Domestic Violence, Attacking Cop

Heather Locklear domestic violence charges

Heather Locklear is in serious trouble right now. Reports indicate the Melrose Place actress has been given felony domestic violence and battery on a cop charges. Yikes. The incident occurred sometime Sunday night after cops were called to Locklear's house after being called by Locklear's brother. There is no word on what sparked the incident in question, nor what caused Locklear to get so violent, particularly when the cops arrived on the scene.

Heather Locklear reportedly got violent when the police showed up at her California house. As TMZ reports, Locklear was fighting with her boyfriend, who is left unnamed in the reports, and when the police surveyed the scene after they received the call, they reported that Locklear's boyfriend had a "visible mark" on his face. During her arrest, Locklear allegedly became "combative" with the police, swinging wildly and ultimately striking and attacking at least one cop during the ensuing arrest, which is not a good look. Later that night, Locklear was charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer. Shortly after Locklear was taken by the cops, she was driven to the hospital for evaluations, though the results of those tests are unclear.

Heather Locklear posted bail at $20,000 hours later. She is due to appear in court on March 13. It's worth noting that Locklear isn't a stranger to police altercations. She has a history of problems with them, in fact. That includes at least one other incident of domestic violence -- a particularly violent dispute in 2011. During that time, Locklear got very heated with Jack Wagner, her then-boyfriend, and they both reportedly attacked each other. But neither pressed charges. Locklear also has a DUI in her criminal past, along with some history of prescription drug misuse. She entered rehab last year for the sixth time during the holidays. Her fifth time was less than a year earlier in January. So, yeah. Suffice to say, Heather Locklear is dealing with some brutal things right about now. We hope things work out for her during this difficult time.

As an actress, Heather Locklear had a reoccurring guest star role on Tyler Perry's TLC series Too Close To Home, where she played First Lady Katelynn Christian. The series was canceled in November after two seasons. Locklear also made a recent guest appearance on ABC's Fresh Off the Boat last year. At the moment, however, she doesn't have anything on the docket. With her personal and legal health problems of late, it might be for the best. We'll keep you posted on any developments that come forward as they arrive, though we hope that those involved in the situation heal and find peace.

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