Why The Rock Is Waiting To Marry His Girlfriend And Co-Parent Lauren Hashian

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Rampage

The Rock is waiting to put a rock on his girlfriend's finger. As Dwayne Johnson revealed on the press circuit for his newest blockbuster, Rampage, the wrestler-turned-actor isn't rushing to get married to his pregnant partner, singer-songwriter Lauren Hashian. He wants to wait until things cool down in his schedule -- or, at least, he wants to wait until there is a little more breathing room. At the moment, he's very busy with his many upcoming projects. Here's what he had to say about getting engaged:

We were going to get married in the spring and we got pregnant. Lauren felt like, well, you know, Mama [doesn't want] to take pictures being pregnant in a wedding dress, so we're just going to wait and not quite sure when, but I know it's going to happen.

Entertainment Tonight got the latest relationship scoop from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson himself. At the moment, the super muscular actor is juggling his responsibilities promoting his new movie Rampage with his expectations as a father, as Lauren Hashian is expected to deliver their second child -- another daughter -- later this month. They also share 2-year-old Jasmine together.

As Dwayne Johnson himself admits, he's planning to shoot Disney's The Jungle Cruise with Emily Blunt in the next couple months. The actress is also busy promoting her own movie, A Quiet Place, which came out this past weekend to smashing numbers. The Rock will also shoot the Fast & Furious spin-off movie in the not-too-distant future, along with the plethora of other projects he has in various stages at the moment. If that weren't enough on his plate, he also has Skyscraper to promote in July. That's not even mentioning stuff related to his TV career, as he has a new season of _Ballers _coming to HBO, as well. So, yeah, The Rock is keeping himself plenty busy. It won't be easy to find some time in there. There was also, you know, that presidential run he was considering too -- as if Dwayne Johnson's busy schedule isn't cramped as it is already, right?

Thankfully, The Rock recognizes that his rock, Lauren Hashian, is willing to work around his schedule and she remains a champ throughout it all.

The great thing with Lauren is she's such a rock star. She's just like, 'It's alright, whenever it's going to happen we're going to make it work... I mean, she's saying that now. A year from now she's going to be like, 'Hey!'

As you can see, it's never a hassle-free day in the life of The Rock. Thankfully, the actor knows how to keep the love of his life nearby and she seems pretty confident in their relationship and chill about when they will eventually take things to the next step. (Of course this is coming from Dwayne Johnson's mouth and not hers.) We hope they'll find a little bit of time in Johnson's forever-busy schedule to finally tie that knot, and we'll be here when they finally put some concrete plans together between Johnson's many, many projects.

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