Yes, Beyonce Owns Her Own Church Now

Beyonce Knowles "Hymn for the Weekend" Music Video

It's official: you can now literally worship at the alter of Beyonce Knowles. Queen B herself owns her own house of God, specifically a century-old abandoned New Orleans church that cost around $850,000 to buy. That's steep for the average Joe, but Beyonce is anything but average. Among her ever-growing list of job titles on her long-running resume, Beyonce can add "church owner" to her name. Praise be, indeed! Here's what we know about Ms. Knowles's church acquisition.

Beyonce's newly-acquired church was built in 1990s, but it hasn't been operational in quite some time. According to TMZ, the original owners and its prominent members passed away and nobody really took up the responsibilities in their absence. That's where Beyonce Knowles came in. The musician stepped up and paid the bill for the church, and we wouldn't be surprised if she would also do some renovations to accommodate its newest chapter. It's unclear exactly how involved Beyonce will be in its forthcoming day-to-day operations, especially considering how she predominately lives in L.A. But we imagine Beyonce's name will draw in a crowd. Some practically consider her a goddess already. Also, Solange Knowles reportedly lives near the church, too. So maybe the Knowles sisters will be helping each other in this newest church-running operation? We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, this church isn't the first time Beyonce has drawn a crowd in the name of God.

In San Francisco earlier this month, Grace Cathedral held a Beyonce Mass, which was reportedly attended by more than 900 people. During the service, there were several Beyonce songs and Destiny's Child tunes belted out during the sermon.

Meanwhile, speaking of Destiny's Child, Beyonce Knowles was recently reacquainted with her old group during a recent performance at Coachella. Queen B's reunion earned a lot of buzz online, and anyone who even thought about saying anything negative about the performance was immediately shut down. That's the power of Beyonce's fanbase, and they will likely fill up every pew in her new church, especially if she's planning to attend a few sermons in the midst of its revival.

Meanwhile, Beyonce's husband Jay-Z might need to repent soon, if recent allegations are true. Last week, Jay-Z's streaming platform Tidal was accused of falsifying their numbers and giving more ad revenue to some of their high profile artists, including Beyonce and her beloved visual album, 2016's Lemonade. Jay-Z has continued to deny these allegations, it's worth noting, but if there's any hint of truth in them, it might be good to spend some time in his wife's newly-bought church. In any case, whether or not Jay-Z attends any upcoming ceremonies, you know that Beyonce is going to draw a crowd -- even (or, perhaps, especially) to church.

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