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If you're planning to diss Beyonce Knowles, you better watch out. Stephen Amell, best known for his titular role in The CW's Arrow, decided to take a snipe at Queen B herself after her beloved Coachella performance, and her fans were none too pleased. While the superhero TV actor is professing that it was a joke the whole time, that isn't stopping people from throwing their ire at him. Let this be a lesson to everyone: if you're going to try to take down Beyonce, jokingly or otherwise, you better think twice. Here's what Amell wrote initially on Twitter that started all this social media madness in the first place. People did not take it lightly.

Stephen Amell is proclaiming his innocence, saying that he didn't mean it seriously, but that didn't stop Queen B's beyhive from attacking. Hell hath no fury like when Beyonce is dissed -- particularly when that person is a celebrity with a superhero show that not everyone is loving right now. As you could predict, the responses the Arrow actor received were anything less than kind, and they weren't afraid to knock him down a few pegs.

Other people claimed Stephen Amell wasn't even famous enough to dare diss Beyonce. It wasn't hard to find responses that belittled Amell's fame.

Some fans even think they know how is responsible for Bitegate, turning their attention toward Stephen Amell as the new primary suspect. During the backlash, Amell even addressed this and revealed he was not the Beyonce biter, once again keeping the mystery alive.

Meanwhile, other fans said Stephen Amell should simply mind his own beeswax.

Arguably the most ruthless tweet, however, was one that claimed Stephen Amell wasn't anything more than a second-rate Batman knockoff -- if that.

After all these responses flooded in, Stephen Amell finally addressed his recent controversy, and he seemingly referenced this last tweet in particular. The actor wasn't offended, though. If anything, he was actually kinda flattered by the response.

In any case, even if Stephen Amell was joking (and the jury's still out on that one...), the CW star is going to be dealing with the wrath of Beyonce's fans for quite some time. Nevertheless, Amell continues to claim that he holds no ill-feelings towards the world-renowned musician. In fact, he continues to call her "amazing" in several response tweets to this incident, and the actor also went out of his way to claim that Beyonce "won" Coachella this year.

That said, Stephen Amell just couldn't stop himself. Shortly after praising Beyonce Knowles, Amell went ahead and call her fans "sensitive." Oh boy.

Maybe Stephen Amell should stay off social media for a little while? At least until this incident blows over (assuming it blows over anytime soon, of course). With that said, maybe it's best if the Arrow actor picked his own battles a little more accordingly in the future. Or maybe watch who he disses.

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