Man Arrested After Peeing On Frontier Airplane Seat

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There are more than a few ways to anger people on flights. You can snore too loudly. You can kick the seat in front of you. You can smell. You can take up too much arm space. You can talk to people who clearly want to be left alone for hours. But peeing on a seat is, admittedly, a new one. Sure enough, one Frontier Airlines rider found himself not only annoying his fellow passengers but also kicked off the plane and locked in handcuffs when he decided to, ahem, relieve himself on a seat. This story is pretty wild. Here's what we know about this urine-filled flight.

While the name of the passenger isn't known publicly, his actions will go down in infamy. Roughly two hours into an otherwise-conventional flight from Denver to Charleston, SC, a man who had apparently had a few drinks started grabbing the woman seated next to him. As it was reported by Fox News, the woman was obviously not having it, and she started screaming at the man. According to other people on Flight 864, the woman loudly claimed that if this drunken man continued to touch her, she would "fucking kill him." The man, who was reportedly not only intoxicated beyond belief but out of his mind too, was soon removed from his seat to another one located towards the rear of the plane. He also reportedly verbal harassed another woman on the plane by asking her extremely inappropriate questions about her sex life. It wasn't long after the disorderly passenger was relocated, however, that he made headlines for urinating in an extremely unfortunate location.

As it was recounted by a passenger named Emily, the intoxicated individual then proceeded to pee on the seat in front of him, obviously earning the ire of his fellow passengers. Here's how Emily herself recounted the nasty situation.

And I scream, 'He's fucking peeing. He's peeing. Oh my God.' And the flight attendant doesn't even acknowledge him at first. [The attendant] acknowledges me and says you need to calm down and stop cursing.

The poor lady. Bad enough she had to deal with a dude peeing, but worse that she actually wasn't treated seriously at first. It wasn't long after he peed on the seat that the man found his hands locked in cuffs and taken away by law officers. While the man was eventually taken into custody for his lewd and offense actions, Emily didn't care for how Frontier Airlines handled the situation. Indeed, we're sure the airliner isn't happy to have their name associated with this nasty business, either. Thankfully, however, Emily was relocated, had her bag fees waved and given a $200 Frontier voucher. That said, I'm sure that feels like a small gift after dealing with such an unfortunate scenario.

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