Ryan Reynolds Admits Blake Lively Drove Him To The Hospital While Giving Birth

Ryan Reynolds wants to know the truth. When the latest trailer for Blake Lively's mysterious new thriller A Simple Favor dropped online last week, the A-list hubby found that even he was out-of-the-loop when it came to its big, teased twist. So, he wants to know: What happened to Emily? And in the midst of prodding for answers, the Deadpool actor and producer also might've slipped some personal news out onto the Internet too. Specifically, that Blake Lively was the one who drove herself -- and her husband -- to the hospital while she was giving birth. Of course, it's most certainly possible that Reynolds is trolling us, once again. Here's the tweet. Reynolds doesn't censor himself in his thirst for answers.

Give him the answers, Blake Lively! Of course, Ryan Reynolds is using his uber-popular social media account to drum up awareness and interest for Lively's newest project. Now that Deadpool 2 is in theaters (and making a steady chunk of change to boot), it's good to spread the love in the Reynolds-Lively household and get that next big project the boost it needs to succeed. Additionally, there's a good chance Ryan Reynolds wasn't far from set with daddy duties, as Lively admitted that the celebrity couple works their hectic schedules around their family life, making sure they don't overlap schedules and shoot movies at the same time. So, more likely than not, Reynolds was in Toronto with Lively last August as the production commenced, helping to raise their kids, 3-year-old James and 1-year-old Inez.

Also, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are known to troll each other regularly. Most recently, Lively got the upper-hand on her famous husband when Reynolds shared a photo with his fellow X-Men Origins: Wolverine star Hugh Jackman. Also, when there were rumors of trouble in paradise between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, the actor squashed those rumors in immature, humorous fashion.

While Ryan Reynolds is dying to know about Emily's condition in A Simple Favor, he'll have to wait like the rest of us until the movie comes to theaters on September 14th. Meanwhile, Reynolds can, of course, currently be seen in Deadpool 2 in theaters everywhere right now, and he'll be heard in next year's Detective Pikachu as the titular sleuth when that family-friendly action movie hits theaters on May 10th, 2019. He is also attached to The Croods 2 and should potentially appear either in an X-Force movie or possibly Deadpool 3. He also recently signed on to appear in Michael Bay's upcoming Netflix joint Six Underground, which is expected to gear into production later this summer. While he's very high-in-demand, Blake Lively isn't getting stuck with mommy duties entirely. She'll soon get to work on Reed Morano's newest film The Rhythm Section, which is expected to resume production next month, after Lively dealt with an injury on set.

Will Ashton

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