Ryan Reynolds Responds to Rumored Problems With Wife Blake Lively In The Best Way

Ryan Reynolds is a jokester, and was that way even before he adopted the persona of the Merc with the Mouth himself, Deadpool. That sarcastic attitude only heightened after the astounding success of his 2016 anti-hero blockbuster. His gossiped marriage to his wife Blake Lively is one of his favorite Twitter targets. The Gossip Girl actress and mother to his two young children is known to be at the butt end of many of his social media jokes, and that's no exception today. When rumors began flying about some potential trouble brewing between the two A-list stars, Reynolds hit up the social media site to make another joke at the expense of his high profile spouse, while simultaneously deflecting the rumors in the best way. His response is exactly what you'd expect from the quick-witted comedic actor. Check it out.

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The lowbrow gag response is especially in line with Ryan Reynolds' brand. With each passing day, the line between Ryan Reynolds, the actor/producer, and his comic book character, Deadpool, blur more and more. That's particularly true as Deadpool 2's highly anticipated release looms ahead this summer. But with this newest tweet comes the assurance that things are still strong between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, even as Reynolds' profile continues to grow bigger and bigger with the explosive success of his R-rated franchise. Hopefully, there's no need to worry here.

Ryan Reynolds' history of trolling Blake Lively online goes back to nearly the beginning of their marriage, and it was seen even a couple weeks back in the newest trailer for Deadpool 2. But thankfully, it's all kicks and giggles for the celebrities. The actor has no shortage of affection for his wife, and he'll admit as much in the right circumstances. Keeping in line with his wise-cracking image, though, Lively ends up the punching bag in a number of Reynolds' jokes, and that's no different here. But it's only for fun. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively appear as loving and committed as ever before.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married in 2012, after fostering a relationship on the set of a different superhero movie: 2011's ill-fated (in every other respect) Green Lantern. Together, Lively and Reynolds share a son, 3-year-old James Reynolds, and a daughter, 1-year-old Ines Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds will, of course, next be seen in Deadpool 2, which comes out on May 18th. He was also recently seen in Life and The Hitman's Bodyguard last year. Reynolds is also lending his voice to the titular character in Detective Pikachu, which is currently in the midst of filming. He is also signed on to return for The Croods 2. Blake Lively, meanwhile, was last seen in All I See Is You last year. She'll next appear in Paul Feig's upcoming drama A Simple Favor, alongside Anna Kendrick. That film is slated to hit theaters on September 14th. When asked how they work out their busy schedules, Blake Lively revealed that she and Reynolds work around each other's schedules. They travel as a family and switch between acting and parent duties. So it sounds like their marriage is staying strong, despite what some tabloids say. Thankfully, no matter what comes out about them, Reynolds will have a retort to throw back.

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