Neil Patrick Harris Made A Comment About Rachel Bloom During The Tony's And She Was Having None Of It

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Well, this is awkward. While live-tweeting last night's Tony's ceremony, Neil Patrick Harris ended the night with egg on his face when he failed to recognize Rachel Bloom. It might be understandable if the Series of Unfortunate Events actor was behind on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend due to his very busy schedule, but the actress and show creator reminded the television and stage actor that they've actually met several times before, since her husband, Dan Gregor, was a writer on his CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother for quite a few years. In fact, Gregor was responsible for one of his character's most important arcs.

Let's break down this interaction one tweet at a time, shall we? The awkward social media correspondence began when Neil Patrick Harris wanted to know who Rachel Bloom was.

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This tweet prompted Rachel Bloom to answer Neil Patrick Harris's question in a fairly reasonable fashion, even though this situation was hella awkward. Check out the response, if you're brave enough.

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Yikes. That's... not good, NPH. Even though the actor must've been buried under 50 feet of embarrassment at that moment, the TV actor still made a point to respond to Rachel Bloom's candid response in as pleasant of a way as possible.

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Sure enough, he never got a response to that query. Perhaps it's for the best, though. We're sure NPH would much rather have this awkward situation go away as soon as humanly possible. It's not easy to get buried on Twitter. To be fair, though, the actor did diss Rachel Bloom, so he had it coming a little bit. Of course, on the bright side, there's a very good chance Neil Patrick Harris will remember Rachel Bloom for a long, long time after this particular correspondence.

Dan Gregor hasn't responded to this whole dilemma. The writer/director has also written for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in addition to How I Met Your Mother, and he recently directed the comedy Most Likely to Murder, which also starred Rachel Bloom. He is also the creator of the short-lived comedy series Mother Mary from 2016. If he ever meets Neil Patrick Harris again, it's going to be at least a wee bit awkward...

Meanwhile, Rachel Bloom will return to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which was renewed for a fourth and final season by The CW. The actress also recently joined the voice cast for The Angry Birds Movie 2, where she'll join Sterling K. Brown, Eugenio Debrez, Leslie Jones and more in the stacked ensemble. She'll also soon appear in Seth Green's directorial debut, Changeland, which is expected to arrive next year. Neil Patrick Harris, meanwhile, recently appeared on Netflix's second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events. He also made a cameo appearance in Alexander Payne's Downsizing last year. Stay tuned next year for more awkward Tony's live-tweeting. With any luck, Neil Patrick Harris will be back in the saddle.

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