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Pete Davidson Late Night with Seth Meyers Ariana Grande "Problem" Music Video

Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have only been dating for a couple weeks, but they're already looking to tie the knot. That's right, in addition to Davidson permanently etching his love for the "No Tears Left To Cry" singer into his skin with two freshly-inked tattoos, the couple is already reportedly telling their friends they're engaged. They're not planning to get married soon, though.

Nothing is official yet to the public, but according to Us Weekly, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are telling their close friends they're engaged. This report is according to unnamed sources close to the newly formed couple. During Robert Pattinson's birthday party in Los Angeles on Saturday, Davidson and Grande were allegedly going around saying they were engaged to fellow partygoers. One source says "they are a perfect fit" for one another, although the person stressed Ariana and Pete are not in any rush to read their vows. This source also claims their friends are "really excited and supportive."

The celebrity couple only got together a couple weeks ago, but Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson haven't made their love for one another a secret, by any means. Recently, when Ariana Grande shared her upcoming cover for July's Vogue UK magazine, Pete Davidson responded to the Instagram post by claiming he was "the luckiest contest winner ever" in the comments. Grande replied affectionately by saying, "Nahhh i am." Meanwhile, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande confirmed their relationship status when Davidson shared the following picture on his social media during a recent Harry Potter party.

the chamber of secrets has been opened ...

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Another source close to the couple says Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are constantly cracking each other up, and that they're "very much in love." That said, they're reportedly looking forward to "a very long engagement together." So wedding bells won't be ringing anytime soon, apparently. But evidently, Pete and Ariana madly in love with one another, and the comedian and the singer are looking to stay together for the foreseeable future.

Ariana Grande started dating Pete Davidson shortly after she ended things with her previous boyfriend, Mac Miller. They were together for nearly two years. While the couple officially called it quits back in April, shortly before Miller was involved in a car accident, they were apparently on the outs for quite awhile before that. Additionally, Davidson was dating Cassie David, on-and-off, for two years before they terminated their own relationship together. While Grande and Davidson have been friends for some time, apparently, it was only recently when they decided to finally make themselves an item. It's very clear that they're really, really enjoying the time they're spending together. In any case, we'll continue to keep you posted on this quickly-evolving relationship Davidson and Grande are currently sharing.