Watch Rihanna Explain Her Habit Of Stealing Wine From Clubs, Hotels

Rihanna was recently seen pulling off a major heist and stole millions of dollars (and hearts) in last weekend's Ocean's 8. In real life, though, the singer/actress is apparently known for stealing something else entirely: wine. Caught red-handed by The Graham Norton Show, the pop musician recounted her years of taking wine from different clubs and hotels. And it wasn't merely an instance or two. She has been caught multiple times, and Graham Norton has photo evidence to prove it. In the talk show clip, Norton showcases a stunning array of moments where Rihanna simply walked away with wine. And not just glasses. Whole bottles, even. Take a look at the clip below.

It should be noted that Rihanna's habitual wine stealing isn't necessarily a secret. After all, these photos go back for years and years. But it's the first time the "Umbrella" singer has been confronted about it, and based on her reaction, she's clearly embarrassed by the whole ordeal. Why does she do it? She doesn't say in the clip above, but it's clearly a bad habit she has picked up over time.

As RiRi was presented with the photo evidence, the singer came up with a handful of excuses. For instance, early on, the musician claimed one glass of wine "might have been one I took to the club." In another instance, Rihanna said one glass she held outside of a hotel she "took back to the hotel I took it from." In any case, when all the photos were put in front of her (and a few of her Ocean's 8 co-stars, including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson and Helena Bonham Carter, respectively), Rihanna retorted to the whole ordeal with one simple, reflective quote, when she said the following.

My mom is gonna see this.

Sounds like Rihanna might be getting into trouble. Oops. In any case, Rihanna also stole the affections of Anne Hathaway, her co-star, recently when she complimented Hathaway's post-pregnancy booty. As Hathaway recounted on Ellen last week, Rihanna had many nice things to say about Hathaway's posterior, and it certainly flattered the Oscar winner when she was feeling a little bit self-conscious.

You can see Rihanna in theaters now in Ocean's 8, which got warm notices from our own Corey Chichizola in his review. He also said Rihanna was "stunning" and "cool as hell" in the new heist flick, which should hopefully give Rihanna's fans something to look forward when they check out the film for themselves (if they haven't seen the brand new film already).

Meanwhile, should Rihanna confront her wine stealing any more in the future, you'll be sure to read about it right here at CinemaBlend.

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