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Kaley Cuoco's wedding looks like it was a dream, but the honeymoon might've been a bit of a nightmare. As it is being reported, The Big Bang Theory actress needed to receive shoulder surgery while she was vacationing with her new husband, Karl Cook. Take a look at the social media notice below.

Youch. The surgery reportedly happened five days after their wedding. Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco weren't even married a week before the newlywed wife underwent this shoulder surgery, for reasons currently unknown. Nobody wants the hospital to be one of your honeymoon destinations, but thankfully, Cuoco and her new hubby appear to be in the process of healing. We wish the television actress a speedy recovery during her unexpected time in the hospital, though we're glad they're keeping things little lighthearted. At least they have a sense of humor about the scary ordeal.

While post-marriage harmony hasn't exactly been found yet, the wedding of Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook was beautiful, based on the photos and videos released from the special day. The late June ceremony last week was photo perfect, according to the pictures sent from the stable-centered affair. The couple wasn't shy about posting photography from the events, as well as a video of their first dance as a married couple. Thankfully, while the honeymoon is being met with some trouble, at least the wedding was a splendid and gorgeous day. Hopefully, once Kaley Cuoco recovers, their troubles will soon be behind them.

It's not yet clear if Kaley Cuoco's recent surgery is going to affect her upcoming schedule for the newest season of The Big Bang Theory. CBS hasn't released a statement about the matter, and it's not clear when the actress is expected to resume her work on the popular (and heavily syndicated) sitcom. Additionally, it's unknown if Cuoco's shoulder surgery will affect any other recent or upcoming projects that are currently in the works. Beyond her work as Penny Hofstadter, Kaley Cuoco is attached to star in the TV film The Flight Attendant. Details on that project are limited. She was also last seen playing herself in Jeff Garlin's Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie last year.

We should expect to see and hear more updates from Kaley Cuoco and her medical condition in the next couple of days or weeks. In the intermediate time, we wish her well and hope that she finds herself recovered and feeling better as soon as possible. Meanwhile, whether Kaley Cuoco is met with good news or bad, we'll be sure to keep you posted on the actress's latest developments right here at CinemaBlend.