Lena Dunham Is Super Happy She Gained 24 Pounds

Lena Dunham seems to be in good spirits. The actress/writer/director gained 24 pounds, by her own admission, and she couldn't be happier about it. In a heartfelt address on her social media feeds, the Girls creator discussed the positivity of her weight gain, and how she feels happier and healthier now that she's 162 pounds instead of 138. Lena also admits that she feels stronger now -- physically and spiritually -- too. Here's what Dunham wrote.

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As she noted in the Instagram address, Lena Dunham's left side figure didn't bring the same happy, joyous and free feeling she feels now. Dunham was complimented and propositioned by men all the time, much to her distress, and she found her face on the cover of tabloid magazines, ones that spoke of the wonders of diets that work. Lena also says that, during that time in her life, she was "sick in the tissue and in the head" and that she was only providing herself with small amounts of sugar and tons of caffeine, as well as "a purse pharmacy." She doesn't regret leaving those days behind her.

These days, Lena Dunham claims that she is complimented "only by the people that matter for reasons that matter," and the actress/director says she is providing herself with "a steady flow of fun/healthy snacks and apps and entrees" that keep Lena feeling a wealth of positivity throughout the day.

Lena Dunham also claims she is feeling stronger now, lifting both her dogs and her spirits. And while Dunham admits that she will sometimes look at the photo on the left longingly, she remembers the "impossible pain" that came from looking that way, and she feels content with her figure right now.

It was only a little over a year ago when Girls ended for good with its acclaimed sixth season, but Lena Dunham hasn't stayed far away from HBO's offices. She is currently working on another series, Camping, which returns Jennifer Garner back to television for the first time since her Alias tenure. The new show will see Lena Dunham working solely behind-the-scenes, with Garner at the center as an L.A. mother with control issues and a few anger and resentment problems too, but the actress was also recently seen on American Horror Story: Cult. Additionally, Lena Dunham and her writing partner, Jenni Konner, were also once attached to write the English-language remake of Toni Erdmann, set to star Kristen Wiig and Jack Nicholson, but they are no longer attached to the project, according to producer Adam McKay. Nevertheless, Lena Dunham is still keeping herself busy and happy.

We're glad Lena Dunham is enjoying herself these days, and we'll be on the lookout for her latest project. It should be noted that Camping doesn't have a premiere date at this time, but it's expected to come out either later this year or early next year. We'll let you know when a premiere date is announced officially. Meanwhile, we'll continue to keep you posted on Lena Dunham's latest updates and developments right here at CinemaBlend.

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