Could One Direction Get Back Together? Here's What Simon Cowell Says

Simon Cowell America's Got Talent

Will One Direction ever get back together? It's a question many fans have asked themselves since the members of the world-beloved boy band went their separate ways during an indefinite hiatus that began in 2015, and became confirmed for good in 2016. But it's hard to know for sure if the future will find them reunited. After all, the artists haven't been hurting for work in the intermediate years since they stopped working alongside each other. But Simon Cowell, the notorious judge from The X-Factor who brought them to stardom in the first place, might have an answer. When asked if the prominent singers of One Direction were destined to return to the same path, here's what the famous television personality said.

I just think the legacy is too big not to go back to at one point. Plus they have enough songs. I didn't realize how many hits they've had... When they do get back together it will be a huge event. But look, they're all doing their own thing and they're all being successful. But I have a feeling it will happen. I really do. I'd love it to happen.

The fantasized One Direction reunion came up when Simon Cowell spoke with Entertainment Tonight. As Cowell notes, the reunion would certainly be welcomed by the band's legion of superfans. It's not a matter of whether it would be well-accepted, but rather when the musicians themselves are ready to work together again and make music together-- just like they did in the old days. Cowell certainly knows a thing or two about One Direction. He was the one who discovered the group in 2010 when he was a judge on The X-Factor. He can certainly see the potential; it's simply a matter of timing.

And while Simon Cowell recognizes the members of One Direction, which comprised of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan, are doing well on their own, so judge believes there's a possibility that everyone could be reunited for at least a few future concerts.

Individually they were all great. The group was the launchpad, but, of course, everyone would love to see them back together -- even if it was just a series of concerts.

At the moment, there are no plans for One Direction getting back together. Henry Styles and Zayn Malik are the busiest members of the bunch, with each of them finding a healthy amount of success in their own individual careers. Styles, in particular, has proven himself adept in a number of different ways, having provided a standout performance in Christopher Nolan's Best Picture-nominated Dunkirk last year. These guys aren't hurting for work right now, and the future prospects of One Direction getting together in any official capacity anytime soon look dim. It also doesn't help that not everyone in the band is getting along famously either. But Simon Cowell is holding out hope, and we're sure many other fans are holding out hope too.

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